Friday, December 19, 2008

Anne's Story

When I started to read Anne's story it was so I could work on her communication materiel. It was a book that changed how I live my life. I had no desire to read about the abuse she suffered. Having met Anne I couldn't believe she suffered like she did. Looking back on my experience through reading her book I was moved by her drive and determination. The most telling part about Anne's story is she was able to forgive her tormenters. I wish I was half the person Anne is. It is my hope that we can help those who are suffering and that people like Anne can find the support they need through people willing to help.



    Hell Minus One - signed verified confessions of satanic ritual abuse

    this page contains descriptions of graphic crimes of ritual abuse

    “Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities—both in writing and verbally—to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Anne’s suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather.”

    “After spending three years and $250,000 the Attorney General’s office has finished its probe into ritual abuse. Now the 59-page report says investigators found evidence of ritual abuse, but nothing that can be prosecuted at this time.”

    “Confessed, and even paid up. The parents settled out of court to pay Jenny’s therapy bills.”

    Anne’s Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual Abuse and her Journey to Freedom “Hell Minus One” When Anne A Johnson Davis was just three years old, her mother and stepfather began to physically, sexually and mentally abuse her—in the name of Satan. Until she ran away from home at 17, her parents and other cult members subjected her to satanic ritual abuse, a criminally inhumane and bizarre form of devil worship. In the middle of the night, Anne would be drugged and forced to endure hours of ritualistic torture as a symbolic sacrifice….The horrors Anne experienced, the astounding miracles that helped her to survive, and the heal-or-die choices she made as an adult to triumph over her tragic past, are revealed in her new book Hell Minus One: My Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual Abuse and My Journey to Freedom. Hell Minus One is different from other previously published memoirs by victims of satanic ritual abuse. Instead of distressing, heart-breaking accounts without collaborative or corroborative evidence, Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities—both in writing and verbally—to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Anne’s suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather….The book’s foreword was written by Lt. Detective Matt Jacobson, who was the lead investigator with the Utah Attorney General’s Office on Anne’s case in 1995. In April 1995, Anne was interviewed by KTVX Channel 4 News and The Deseret News in Salt Lake City for stories regarding a then newly released three-year study by the Utah AG’s Office about ritual abuse. In those news accounts, Anne’s identity was concealed as she explained some of the horrors of her childhood. In Hell Minus One, Anne publicly blows the door open on who she is and tells her story openly for the first time.

    “…I knew three years old was supposed to be the right age for sexual activity… You were drugged with cough syrup and the light was shadowy and flickering on the hooded and masked figures… He cut off your nightclothes and panties. A dog was hung by the back feet, throat cut and disemboweled and hind legs cut off. You were hung by your feet after being bound. I let you be used as a symbolic sacrifice, my tiny innocent child. I let you be painted with blood, have the dull side of a knife across your throat and feet. You may have seen me go and kneel… and take an oath that if anyone revealed anything done there or your father did not make you children behave, I would kill you children, him or myself.”
    —An excerpt from one confession letter written by Anne’s mother

    Foreword for Hell Minus One by Lieutenant Detective Matt Jacobson Utah Attorney General’s Office (retired)

    In the autumn of 1994, I was at the Utah State Attorney General’s Office working under a legislative grant to investigate satanic ritualistic abuse. …When Mike King, my AG detective partner, and I traveled to a state in the Pacific Northwest to question Anne’s mother and stepfather about allegations of satanic ritual abuse, we found the contents of their confession letters to her to be true. They confessed to us—in person. The allegations were confirmed.

    Woman revisits the ‘Hell’ of ritual abuse By Ben Winslow Deseret News 12/10/08 She isn’t Rachel Hopkins anymore. Anne A Johnson Davis is shedding the moniker she used in a 1995 Deseret News story about her childhood as a victim of ritualistic Satanic abuse and speaking out in a memoir of her life. Davis, now a Lehi mother of three, is stepping into the spotlight again with the publication of her book “Hell Minus One.” “I have had enough healing and closure of my own, I feel I’m in a place where I really feel the call to share what I have to help others find courage,” Davis said in an interview Wednesday. Davis’ story is so bizarre, it’s hard to believe it actually happened — save for the fact that she has signed confessions from her mother and stepfather, a financial settlement and investigators from the Utah Attorney General’s Office who vouched for her. From age 3 until she ran away at 17, she said she was sexually abused, tortured, bathed in blood and forced to hurt her siblings in Satanic rituals. “They would tell me, ‘Now you’re one of us. If you tell anybody, they won’t believe you and they’ll put you in a mental hospital.’ And they threatened to torture me until I was dead,” Rachel Hopkins said in 1995. It was a study by the Utah Attorney General’s Office that downplayed ritual abuse that prompted Davis to come forward. At the time, she insisted on a pseudonym and did interviews in silhouette. “I’m glad that she’s come out of the shadows and she’s in the sunlight to tell her story so other victims will speak out and know they don’t have to be afraid anymore,” said Paul Murphy, a spokesman for the Utah Attorney General’s Office who interviewed her as a TV reporter back in 1995. He also wrote a blurb on the book’s jacket. Davis still takes issue with the attorney general’s report, which came out at a time when ritual abuse was being attacked as indicative of false memory syndrome — events and fantasies imagined by patients or planted by unscrupulous therapists….The Utah Attorney General’s Office has no plans to revisit the controversial study, but continues to investigate any reports of ritual abuse. “We take all child abuse very seriously,” Murphy said….When she ran away from home at 17, Davis said she cut ties with her family and anyone associated with them. She heard her stepfather died a few years ago but has no idea what happened to her mother. She also isn’t scared about publishing the family secrets. “Secrecy is their greatest weapon,” she said. “I don’t believe I have anything to be afraid of.”,5143,705269563,00.html

    ABC News, KTVX Channel4, Salt Lake City, UT
    coverage of Anne’s story
    April 25, 1995 (Pseudonym “Jenny”)

    “Good Afternoon and thanks for joining us. I’m Randall Carlisle.”

    “And I’m Kimberly Perkins. The report is final. Ritual abuse exists in Utah, but its hard to prosecute.”

    Randall Carlisle: “After spending three years and $250,000 the Attorney General’s office has finished its probe into ritual abuse. Now the 59-page report says investigators found evidence of ritual abuse, but nothing that can be prosecuted at this time.”

    Kimberly Perkins: “The lack of prosecution of such reports does not mean that the reports are factitious (Ritual Abuse Task Force).

    Paul Murphy: “One woman who came forward to tell about ritual abuse brought something no one else has - a confession from the perpetrators. “Jenny” was only three years old when her parents started sexually abusing her.

    The bruises in this picture show she was physically abused as well.”

    Jenny: “They would go through these very formal satanic rituals and I would be abused and tortured and threatened with my life and used as a sacrifice.”

    Paul Murphy: “And most people would be skeptical of Jenny’s story of satanic ritual abuse, except for one thing - her parents confessed. In these letters the parents ask for forgiveness and describe the abuse in detail. Her mother wrote: ‘He cut off your nightclothes and panties. A dog was hung by the back feet, throat cut and disemboweled and hind legs cut off. You were hung by your feet after being bound.’ Others have told similar stories, but had no physical proof.”

    Paul Murphy:….Her father wrote: ’I performed the same sexual acts on you at home. The sexual acts on you at home. The sexual abuse in our home was a repeat of the ritual.’

    Paul Murphy: “Confessed, and even paid up. The parents settled out of court to pay Jenny’s therapy bills.”

    Deseret News, Salt Lake City, UT - Page One Metro Section, April 25, 1995
    Ritual abuse does exist, victim says by Jerry Spangler - Deseret News Staff Writer

    From the time she was 3 years old until she became a young adult, Rachel Hopkins (not her real name) was ritualistically tortured, raped, bathed in blood and threatened she would be killed if she ever told anyone….
    Like most victims of satanic ritual abuse, Hopkins remembered the abuse many years later. But her case is significantly different from others. She has the signed confessions of her parents - both of whom admitted abusing her during satanic rituals - that corroborate every memory she has of the abuse. The confessions offer much greater detail of events Rachel could not have ever known. Hopkins’ parents also confessed in detail to two investigators from the Utah Attorney General’s Office and to the leaders of the church they attended. Hopkins was also able to recover a photograph of herself as a child that shows bruises inflicted during the ritual abuse. Her siblings have also corroborated the events surrounding the ritual abuse….The truth is they (occultists) do wear black robes, they do abuse children, they do kill animals,” she said. “It exists, and to say otherwise is to deny the facts in front of them. Our society used to deny the existence of incest, too, because we didn’t want to believe it.”….Two years and eight months ago, the memories started coming back. At first, she couldn’t believe it either. She has heard of satanic ritual abuse before but had never associated memories with that behavior. “The first time I called my parents up and told them I had been sexually abused and I knew they did it, they told me I was hallucinating,” she said. “Since that time, they have written letters to each of the children confirming everything in explicit detail.”

  2. Please let people know about our advocacy websites to stop child abuse, thanks.

    ritual abuse page


    2009 conference

    Extreme Abuse Survey Research - proof ritual abuse exists

  3. I just bought and read this book a couple of days ago. I'm in the middle of my "remembering," and reading this gave me hope and encouragement to keep going into the dark hell locked up inside my mind. Thank you, Anne!

  4. Anne, your courage has truly inspired me. Thank you for exposing the darkness! -JoEllen Cocoon Creations

  5. Hi Anne,
    I have read your book and have felt a connection with you. I can relate to the spiritual experiences that you have had along the way. I felt your prayer for me the day after we talked. I know that Heavenly Father loves all his children. I know that the Savior's love heals all wounds. I'm glad you are in a place where you can help others reconize this. Peace be with you...Pamee (Shalom)

  6. I agree with all of the above. Hell Minus One is a fantastic book, and Anne is a fantastic speaker. she spoke at our Northern California Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference last April.

    The Incest Survivors' Speakers' Bureau of California is finally getting their own website,, and we will be putting a link to Anne's webpage in our links and resources page. the webpage is still under construction, but should be ready soon.

  7. Thanks for this great page. Here's a page with information on the book.

  8. we suffered all the ritual abuses like anne- but it was not done in a group- so it is put down as domestic violence and cannot be proved
    the greatest info from anne is =- how she went about getting the confessions- this could have saved her life- because being locked up & drugged in psychiatry was done to my little sister, even at 36 years old- because she was telling in her autobiography book which she wanted to publish-she committed suicide after,as well as l brother at l7y.o.
    but there were more than one man in family abusing her,l abused me too- and our mother defended the status quo- this all was started thousands of years ago at the start of the
    patriarchy family- i got much hope for society which takes action to Prevent child sex/&violence in the stories in Iroquois Women -spittal and the courage to Act-children are forced by the law to visit their abusers-like my two daughters-and my parents got grandparents rights- backed by mainstream christian religion -all religions are anti-matriarchy and bible/koran/etc all describe abuse of children & sacrifices as necessary- i worship mother nature in parks & forests- and i hope Matriarchy Families will be legal once more and grandmothers groups protect mothers so they can protect the children only she gave birth to- peace-hope- louise

  9. It is with deep sadness that I post this blog. I heard today about the passing of my sweet friend, Anne Davis. May you be encompassed with love and light. Please know that I and our family will miss you! Our deepest sympathies go out to Anne's two sons.

  10. Good bye my friend. I'll miss talking. I hope you are at peace now. My deepest sympathy goes out to Troy and Karston. Kelleyb6706

  11. After much searching i finally managed to find a blog for this subject..unfortunately it does not seem that it is very frequently visited and i am nowhere near the U.S..i don't dare to talk to my psychiatrist about all this stuff, so my s.c treatment isn't really going anywhere..a complete waste of time s.t.s, but the trauma from my childhood, both what i remember and mostly that which i do not, alongside with many sad events all along my adult life has since two yrs brought me to a mental/emotional state so severe that it has handicapped my whole life and i will be receiving early retirement later this spring due to other psychological diagnosis ( 3 different ones). I know i am not crazy, as a matter of fact i am well above average intelligence, but my mind has come to a total halt, a catch 22 i cannot seem to get out i am asking someone, anyone, so kindly and from the depths of my heart, if someone has it in them to help me to chat with me via e-mail or chat, just so that i can get some of this off my chest and start healing somehow. I am a 46 yr old woman, and due to a serious heart condition i also suffer from i may not have much time left on this earth anyhow, and i do not want to die without having told someone what i remember, and also share that this is not a problem affecting just the states, it goes on EVERYWHERE, all over the world. Thank you in advance, to any kind person responding to this, i shall return to see in hope that i will get an answer.
    Blessings. E

    1. My dear friend, as I am very willing to be so, I will be happy to email with you and help you get through. I also have found some healing modalities that have helped a tremendous amount, with very little "trauma" in the process. I would love to share them with you. You may email me at I know your abuse was REAL. You are NOT crazy!! You are a beautiful, strong, and powerful woman--a courageous survivor!! May the Lord bless you to return and find this reply.

  12. Does anyone know how Anne Died? I am unsettled inside not knowing. Someone told me she committed suicide. Is that true? This is hard for me to understand. Can someone clearify?

    You can email me direct if you don't want to post it here at:

    Hoping to here from somebody soon. Pamee

  13. After reading Remembering satan and Revenge of the Black Dahlia i will not believe she committed suicide - 'th-ey ' will make it look like suicide. She was too brave...Edith

  14. Anonymous, I'll be happy to talk with you via email about your experiences. I've had spiritual experiences all my life (witnessed by others regarding the SRA and corruption in religion and in high places in Utah and elsewhere) and have lived through abuse including attempted murder via timely intervention, so I can relate somewhat. My email is truerae 88 at with no spaces.

  15. I have to agree with anonymous that Anne was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide. The angle aimed for with the clergy getting the parents to confess, didn't quite wash with those who recognize the religious leaders involvement in SRA for mind control. Read pg. 118-119 of Tranceformation of America where Senator Byrd who "justified mind control atrocities...for accelerated evolution" tells author and SRA victim, "Afterall, even the Pope and Mormon Prophet know this is the only way to peace and they COOPERATE FULLY with The Project". The clergy (or former clergy) were the handlers as the SRA perpetraitors would only go to their handlers for instructions!
    The public image campaign did not wash (church leaders are the good guys, and SRA has "infiltrated") due to too many witnesses naming very high level leaders including the false "prophet and apostles...Bishops and their counselors...will be removed" in fulfillment of LDS scriptures: D&C:38-40.
    Do you recall Alan Barnes (of Barnes Banking), son-in-law to Gordon B. Hinckley who confessed to the FBI about the Olympic bribery check he signed? (SLTribune article "Silent Witness). He is also mentioned anonymously in the book, "Paper Dolls" about sex rings in prominent Utah neighborhoods. The daughter of an apostle (GBHinckley) and her husband were the head of these SRA sex rings. I know the friend to one of the abused girls. The need for the cleansing of the LDS church is greater than even the Catholic church, both heavily involved in SRA/sex abuse behind the scenes.

  16. Alan Barnes died shortly after his confession to the FBI of a "heart attack". The CIA have a weapon that is discussed in Congressional Hearings (available on the internet)that create non-traceable heart attacks. The projectile injection from the gun of a frozen poison is not perceived by the "embarassment" or person who talks. Paul H. Dunn was also an emabarassment due to his lies and died from a heart attack. He blew the whistle regarding banking fraud with Zions bank (L. Tom Perry, Boyd K Packard/Affleck scam, Gordon B. Hinckley, Russell Nielson, and Neil A. Maxwell/CIA agent see bio). Zions guilty of 12.8 billion money laundering (drug-related) with Mexico. The media,FBI, govt in Utah is financially controlled. Note FBI "long term integrity and security abuses"

  17. Sometimes, it is very hard for me to acknowledge anyone who can name names without naming themselves...Just a thought for anyone who would read and or believe anything that comes from anyone named "Anonymous"
    Dennis Lundberg

    1. Are you serious? Dennis Lundberg, you should be ashamed of yourself! Go back and read authentic church history regarding the "Danite Warriors" and how they murdered people that told the truth about things that went on in Utah like the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Read "Rocky Mountain Saints" and "Tell it All" by Mr. & Mrs. Stenhouse from the 1870s. These individuals were faithful LDS and missionaries for 13 years for the church. They tell the good and the bad. Then recognize that "Danites" still exist today.

  18. What have Anne's sisters had to say about the abuse they all endured? Have any of them spoken out about it? I have read Anne's book and I respect and admire her courage for telling her story. I am saddened to hear about her death. I would love to know if her siblings are continuing to fight the good fight that she began. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.

  19. Many people, I'm sure are afraid to respond because they don't want to become targets, which is what I became when I began to realize what was happening to me regarding my life and how I was sold into slavery via my adoption.

  20. she died for speaking out against a cause that offically runs this earth. Its disgusting how much the cults can get away with and how many lives they will take to keep secrecy and satanic "order." Dont be fooled by the autospy saying she died of a heart attack at a very young age. Like someone above said the CIA has the technology to make your death look natural. The cult that abused her finished her. RIP anne

  21. I am so glad I read this blog. I have no external validation for my memories. The confession your mother gave validates my memories. I am going to read your book.

  22. I, Judy Byington, wrote "Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities." Jenny is the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrificial ceremony. When Matt Jacobsen was first hired as an SRA investigator I interviewed with him and others, plus continue to consult with the Utah AG office on information about the 8 satanic covens here in Utah. See my next book, "Saints, Sinners and Satan." I invite SRA survivors and therapists to contact us here at the Trauma Research Center and learn more about healing from child abuse:

  23. I just finished reading this book. I had no idea how often this kind of atrocity happens. Anne, you are a true inspiration for people going through/having gone through various forms of abuse everywhere. Thanks for having the courage to write this.